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Dr Baarini

Dr Baarini

Dr. Omar Baarini completed his general Podiatry degree in 2004 at La Trobe University Melbourne. He then completed his Masters degree at the University of South Australia, and then finally undertaking his surgical fellowship through the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons. In his time in training in foot and ankle surgery Dr. Baarini has spent extensive periods training in the United Kingdom, and the United States; as well as having undertaken various courses internationally (including Germany, Hong Kong, and Jakarta).

Dr. Baarini has a particular interest in trying to keep patients ambulatory post surgery where possible , and aims at providing the least traumatic surgical approaches to his patients to achieve this. Dr. Baarini also has a deep interest in helping provide surgical training and performing charity surgical work in third world countries. He has been involved in charity surgical missions abroad, and aims to continue doing this work into the future. Dr Baarini will be consulting from Talaria fortnightly.

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