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A Podiatrists Perspective on Nail Salons & Sterilization

The recent news story “manicure misery” covered by channel 9 was yet another tragic story where sterilization and hygiene were sadly lacking. There are many misconceptions when it comes to sterilization and what is a safe. Here is my perspective as a Podiatrist…

A Podiatrists Perspective on Nail Salons and Sterilization

As Podiatrists we MUST clean and sterilize all our instruments as outlined in the ‘National Infection Control Guidelines for Podiatrists.’ These infection control guidelines, along with any state legislative and regulatory requirements, form the benchmark for infection control in Podiatric practice. We sterilize to stop the cross-contamination of bacteria, fungi and blood- borne infections between patients and ourselves.

In comparison nail salons are one of the least regulated industries in the country and you don’t require a license to own or operate one.

Steam sterilization is widely used by Podiatrists and is the most effective way to kill micro-organisms and their spores. UV light cabinets, disinfectants, pressure cookers, boiling or ultrasonic cleaners DO NOT sterilize.
You can always ask questions regarding sterilization and infection control wherever you go. The Podiatry Board of Australia has outlined a few questions you could consider asking when going somewhere new. We are certainly the safest profession to use when getting your feet treated and looking their best.

You don’t need a referral to see a Podiatrist and it is extremely popular to treat a wide range of skin and nail conditions. With a simple consultation we can safely get your feet looking great and ready for summer.

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