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Australian Foot Health Week

October 14th – 20th is Australian foot health week.

Australian Foot Health Week

Australian foot health week is an annual campaign to try and encourage Australians to assess their foot health and increase overall health outcomes.  It’s a perfect opportunity to assess where your feet fit into your overall health.

Have you ever had an issue with your feet and wondered whether you need to see someone, but are unsure where to start or who to see? Podiatrists are university qualified specialists who are trained to assess, treat and diagnose conditions of the lower limbs and feet. A lot of people consider feet unpleasant and want to hide them away.  We are passionate about all things related to your feet and strive to create an optimal treatment program dependant on your needs. We love nothing more than helping you to keep your feet healthy, so that you can get on with your daily activities.

Just like you take yourself to the doctors if you’re feeling unwell, you should regularly visit a Podiatrist with all your foot health related concerns. Whether you have a big run coming up, a holiday or just day to day activities any foot niggles can really hold you back from performing at your best. Our main goal as Podiatrists is to get your back on your feet as soon as possible and performing at your best.

Today brings us to the end of foot health week so there is no time like now to get your feet assessed and functioning to the best of their ability.  Our Podiatrists at Talaria will be able to give your feet a full foot assessment, tailor making an appropriate treatment plan; allowing you to maintain a happy and healthy life.

Give us a call or book an appointment online to come in and have a chat to us about your feet!

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