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Case Study – Soccer Player Recovers from Shin Splints Through Multimodal Approach

Patient Background:

James, a 22-year-old soccer player, presented with sharp pain along the front of his lower legs, particularly during & after intense practices & matches. The pain had been persistent for several weeks and was beginning to affect his performance on the field.


Through physical examination and discussion of his symptoms & activity level, James was diagnosed with anterior shin splints. This condition was likely due to the high-impact nature of soccer, frequent running on hard surfaces, and improper footwear.

Treatment Plan:

Shockwave Therapy:

James underwent extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) twice a week for a month. The sound waves from the shockwave therapy helped to reduce inflammation and pain, promoting quicker healing in the affected area.

Targeted Exercises:

A tailored exercise program was created to strengthen the muscles around the shin and improve flexibility. Key exercises included:

Tibialis Anterior Strengthening: Using resistance bands to perform dorsiflexion exercises.

Gastrocnemius and Soleus Stretching: To increase flexibility in the calf muscles.

Balance Exercises: Such as single-leg stands to improve proprioception & reduce strain on the shins.

Core Strengthening: To enhance overall stability & reduce lower limb stress.

We also incorporated low-impact activities like swimming to maintain James’s cardiovascular fitness without adding stress to his shins.

Footwear and Orthotics:

James’s soccer cleats were examined and found to be contributing to his shin splints due to inadequate support. We recommended cleats with better cushioning and arch support. Additionally, custom-made orthotic inserts were provided to further support his feet and alleviate the stress on his shins.


Within four weeks, James experienced a noticeable reduction in pain and was able to participate in light training sessions. Over the next two months, with continued adherence to his exercise regimen and appropriate footwear, he returned to full training and competitive play without pain. James reported feeling stronger and more resilient, attributing his recovery to the comprehensive treatment plan.

Both Sarah (Case Study 1- Marathon Runner) & James benefited greatly from a multimodal approach combining shockwave therapy, targeted exercises, and appropriate footwear adjustments. These case studies highlight the importance of a tailored treatment plan in effectively managing and overcoming shin splints, allowing athletes to return to their peak performance.

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