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The process of selecting football boots is often tricky. There are many brands, designs and colours available for you to sort through and then purchase to be left hoping that they will be comfortable.

As a footballer, I can relate to this challenging process.
Over the last ten years, I have rotated through at least 20 different football boots, including four completely differing brands of boot, to have only just found a boot comfortable enough, that I would be prepared to buy again.
There are many options available to distinguish what runner would suit your foot type best when purchasing runners. Unfortunately for us footballers, there are not as many options available and therefore it becomes more of a guess.
With the football season quickly approaching, Talaria – Podiatrist of Thornbury is offering a FREE CONSULTATION to footballers of all ages. Each consultation will include a detailed biomechanical assessment (muscle-based strength testing of your muscles in your feet and legs, assessing your foot joints range of motion and an analysis of your walking/running style), specific measurements of your feet to categorise your foot type as well as the length and width of your feet. After your consultation, you will walk away with specific boot recommendations for your foot type.
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