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Podiatry is for all ages, and at Talaria – Podiatrist of Thornbury, our podiatrists will help your child from their precious first steps to winning the big footy game. Valid during the school holidays (9th April 2022 to 26th April 2022), Talaria is providing FREE Kids Foot Assessments. We believe healthy feet make milestones in your child's life possible. During the school holidays, we will be informing you of various children's foot conditions we can help you with. These may include but are not limited to:

The arch on the inside of the foot should be developed by the age of six. Most children will eventually develop a normal arch; however, some children may have permanent flat feet.

Most children walk with their feet pointing straight ahead; however, some children's feet turn in when they walk—children who in-toe tend to trip a little more and have problems running.

Heel pain is very common in kids and is often associated with a condition called Severs. Severs is a painful bone condition resulting from the heel's growth plate developing and becoming inflamed.

Knock knees are part of the normal growth and development of lower extremities to maintain balance when toddlers begin to walk. However, usually, this condition entirely disappears by the age of six otherwise, it can impact the child's everyday function

A viral skin infection causes plantar warts. They are spread easily among kids as they tend to spend more time barefoot - at the pool, sandpits and even at school. Warts are simple to assess and treat by a podiatrist

Walking on the toes or ball of the foot, also known as toe walking, is relatively common in children who are just beginning to walk. Most children outgrow toe walking; those who continue tend to do so out of habit.

  • Ingrown toenails

    Initial signs of this can be tenderness, redness and swelling of the skin around the nail. A fluid-filled blister or redness extended to the foot or around the toe may develop if infected.

  • Knee pain

    If your child complains of knee pain this could be associated with Osgood Schlatter’s disease. Associated with knee pain in active kids, Osgood occurs when the bone at the top of the shin bone is inflamed where the tendon from the kneecap attaches.



  • *Valid during the school holidays 9th April 2022 to 26th April 2022*