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High vs Low Arched Feet

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a term often used to describe feet that are hypermobile or roll in excessively. When your feet “roll in” excessively during stance, this gives the appearance that there is a loss of arch contour of the foot. The result of pronation can vary from patient to patient but it should be noted that this abnormal force on the body is a major contributor, often leading to pain. At Talaria our Podiatrist’s will carry out a detailed biomechanical assessment of your feet, legs, knees and hips to identify the cause.

High Arch Feet

A high arched foot is the opposite of a ‘flat foot’, where the foot does not roll in very much at all. A distinct highly curved arch is apparent along the inside of the foot. A high arched foot tends to be very rigid in nature and lacks shock absorbing properties. This is due to the foot failing to roll in adequately just after the heel strikes the ground while walking. When the foot does not absorb shock effectively symptoms such as shin, knee, heel and spinal pain are commonly seen as these structures are forced to take more force than they are normally supposed to.

High vs Low Arched Feet

Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics can greatly enhance your quality of life as they realign the feet into a more efficient and economical position, making your feet more comfortable. If you have low or high arched feet you may benefit from orthotic management. Our podiatrists at Talaria will undertake an extensive biomechanical assessment to identify any additional factors causing pain that may be addressed with orthotics.

Orthotic Therapy with orthotics
 Orthotic Therapy Flat Feet
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