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How Podiatry Can Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

My name is Adele and I work on the front desk at the clinic. I’m always surprised by the amount of people that don’t know what our Podiatrists do, especially with the warmer weather approaching. It’s the time we usually up the ante on our foot care and start booking in pedicures so that our feet are both sandal and beach ready. Many of us tend to flock to our good old shopping centre nail salons for a quick an easy fix (we’re all guilty of this) namely because we are all time poor and its generally easy to find an appointment.

Did you know that a Podiatrist can give you a more intensive thorough and safe clean up than nail salons? Here are some important points which I found sets Podiatrists apart from a typical nail salon:

  • Qualified, highly skilled footcare specialists
  • Technologically advanced, medical grade equipment
  • Proper hygiene practices and sterilising of instruments
  • Every file or blade is single use only
  • Health insurance rebates
  • The privacy of your own room & specialist opinion of the actual health of my foot

If you’re kicking off your shoes after a winter of neglect, you could be in for a nasty surprise and your feet may need some TLC before your take them to the beach.

Our Podiatrist Julia has put together four common summer foot problems and how to avoid them below:

How Podiatry Can Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

1. Corns

After being in tight boots all winter or wearing a new pair of summer sandals you may be experiencing a bit of discomfort. Corns are a concentrated build up of hard skin in a small area due to increase pressure or mechanical stress. Common areas to develop corns are on any bony prominences, heels, the ball of the foot and under your big toe. At Talaria our podiatrists are highly skilled and have the tools to remove corns swiftly and painlessly. The podiatrists will also determine the cause of the corn and provide education and methods to reduce re-occurrence.

2. Cracked heels

As winter fades away, you may start to notice your feet become increasingly dry and the heels may even crack. No one wants to be in closed shoes all summer so with the right care, cracked heels will be a thing of the past. Start getting into a habit of moisturising daily with a cream that has the ingredient urea in it. Urea is a humectant, meaning it has the ability to retain moisture by binding to water. Book yourself in for a general treatment to have all the built up callous on your heels cleaned off before it cracks and becomes painful.

3. Fungal/Damaged nails

After the big winter hibernation, it’s a great idea to give your nails a check over to make sure nothing unusual has popped up. Look for discolouration, chipping and thickening on all nails. Address any problems as soon as you notice them. Fungal nail infections tend to spread fast and if left unattended can become much worse and more difficult to treat. If you are worried about showing the nails off over summer check out our treatment called KeryFlex. It is a painless and quick solution that will leave your feet looking great in sandals.

4. Bad footwear

When swapping from supportive shoes to flimsy sandals and thongs foot pain is always around the corner. While it can strike at any time, there is a spike of foot pain complaints over the summer months. Going totally barefoot or to thongs make seem appealing when it is warm but this can increase your risk of injury. Look for thongs or sandals with an anatomical footbed built into them. Our Archies thongs are a great option as they are sleek yet provide support and comfort.

We hope this helps get your feet ready to enjoy the summer days!

Adele & Julia

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