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How to tackle the Races in Heels

As Podiatrists we go on about high heels being terrible for your feet. We try to gloss over the topic of them looking great and advise people stick to wearing them exclusively for special occasions. For some of our patients, high heels just aren’t an option and the pain simply outweigh the positives.

However, the Spring Racing Carnival is an annual event where for the ladies, means the heels take centre stage. We thought it might be helpful to provide you some professional advice on how to tackle wearing heels to the races, that won’t leave you stumbling silently in pain… Hold on to your horses ladies, you’re in for a (foot) treat…

1) Be wise about shoe choice

We all know wearing stilettos is a guarantee to sink into the grass and potentially risk twisting your ankle- not a good look. Instead look for something with a block heel or wedge for stability and some form of strap over your ankle to avoid you slipping out. The Bared Footwear Kea Heel is a perfect example of this, it’s chic and elegant yet practical and really comfy. Lots of different colours to choose from also!

2) Wear them in

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pair of shoes to march the dress its wise to wear them in. Everyone knows wearing your shoes for the first time on race day is a recipe for blisters and pain. Wear your shoes around the house in the weeks leading up to the big day, this will loosen up any tight straps and identify areas of pressure before hitting the track.

3) Address foot concerns

Now it’s time to address any pre-existing problems that will be aggravated by standing on your feet for the full day. Things like corns, callouses, blisters and ingrown toenails need to be treated a few days before the race. At Talaria, our podiatrists are highly skilled and have the tools to remove corns and callouses swiftly and painlessly

4) Pack emergency supplies

When in doubt, pack emergency supplies! Spare band-aids, gel foot pads and heel grips will all neatly pack into your clutch. If a blister does rear its head, you’ll be ready to deal with it.

Grab your champagne and fascinators ladies.

Races – WE’RE READY!

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