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Introducing Bobux at Talaria..

Talaria is welcoming Bobux, a New Zealand children’s footwear brand that are highlighting the importance shoes have on correct foot development. They are the experts at producing shoes that are good for your little one’s feet- and they’re super stylish!
Introducing Bobux at Talaria
Bobux says “barefoot is best” sounds funny, right?! Especially coming from a shoe company but, allowing kids time to be barefoot in the first few years is important for the development of their feet. Bobux senior designer Nicole Williamson says, “when babies are born, they have no bones in their feet, just soft cartilage.” Developing feet are so soft that they conform to the shape of the shoes as they grow rather than their own natural shape.
Whilst many kids’ shoes are just a scaled down version of adult footwear, Bobux have thought outside the square. They have broken down each stage of a child’s development period and designed the right shoe for their changing needs. The 5 stages are, Pre-walking, Cruising, First Walker, Toddler and Preschool. Their collection reflects years of research and testing with Podiatrists. Children who wear Bobux are wearing shoes that are expertly made for their specific age group and development stage.
We are so excited to have Bobux on board! If you’re looking for the next pair of shoes for your little one, pop into the clinic and have a chat to our friendly Podiatrists about the best fit and style for your child and browse the Bobux catalogue.
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