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After a year and a half, I am thrilled to have been reunited with my family and get back to New Zealand. We spent time with family, visited friends and travelled around many beautiful spots. Even in the colder weather New Zealand is full of beauty and there’s always great scenery and delicious food/drink to be had!
We landed in Auckland and travelled down to Whakatane my hometown. It has been two years since we have been home, so it was great to finally meet some of our friends’ new arrivals. It seemed only fitting to gift them some Bobux, which seemed to be extremely popular in NZ. Bobux are a New Zealand made product, designed by a father who wanted to make shoes for his baby daughter. Chris came up with the concept of soft soles 30 years ago as there was nothing like it on the market. He manufactured them in his garage using soft leather, suede, and elastic bands, and just like that the soft sole was created!
Soft soles are soft and comfy allowing their little feet to move naturally. Babies’ feet are so malleable at the newborn stage that tight or rigid shoes, even socks can alter their growth. In the first few years of life our feet go through more changes than almost any other part of our body. When our little ones are all grown up, they’ll have 19 muscles and 26 bones in each foot, but when they’re born their tiny little bones are only just starting to take shape. That is why babies’ feet are so soft and squishy. The soft soles allow the freedom to develop naturally while protecting their little feet at the same time.

Bobux can be found in store in our clinic located in Thornbury. Alternatively you can also shop their range online! CLICK HERE 


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