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Keep your feet healthy during the cooler months

It’s Autumn! Everyone is back from their summer holidays, back into the daily grind and bunkering down for the cooler months to come.

I (Julia) went on an amazing holiday to the French Alps with my family. The days were filled with skiing and eating our way around the mountains. The experience was great spending so much time in the snow and I picked up a few ideas to make any winter holiday (maybe that weekend away at Buller) that much easier on the feet.

Keep your feet healthy during the cooler months
Invest in a good pair of footwear

Firstly, good footwear is essential, you MUST be comfortable, stable and dry walking around. Anything made from the waterproof materials such as Gor-Tex or even heavy leather is best, this means warm dry feet. Having good tread on your shoes is going to provide stability especially when walking on ice and uneven surfaces. Vibram and deep tread on the base of a shoe is something to look out for. If you already have great snowshoes but the grip isn’t enough you can also purchase attachable rubber snow grips. These are inexpensive and can really make all the difference when trudging around the snow.

Keep feet warm

To keep your feet nice and toasty, invest in warm merino socks and if that fails toe warmers are brilliant. You can buy them from chemist warehouse or any outdoor mountain store. The right winter socks insulate and protect your feet. Always choose breathable fabrics, like wool, and moisture-wicking synthetics as these can reduce sweating, which contributes to freezing. Look for socks that keep you both warm and dry.

Keep feet and shoes dry

Too much moisture in both your feet and shoes can create dampness which can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. Be sure to remove wet shoes and socks promptly after wearing them and let your shoes dry out properly before wearing them again.

Moisturise your feet

The colder weather can create sore, cracked skin on your feet and heels. You can prevent and treat dry skin by applying a good quality moisturising foot cream after you shower. Here at Talaria Podiatry we use and stock Walkers Heel Cream which we highly recommend, come in and chat to us about this product

Prevent injuries

Snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding makes you more susceptible to foot injuries. Knowing your abilities and limitations can help prevent any injuries. Wearing boots or waterproof shoes will help keep you safe on slippery surfaces.

Even though we’re only at the start of Autumn, consider these tips when you’re planning your next winter escape!

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