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KeryFlex nail restoration

September marks the beginning of warmer longer days and after the exceptionally chilly winter Melbourne threw at us this year, everyone seems chuffed to see the sun again. Our winter boots served us well keeping our feet concealed warm and out of sight, but now it’s time for a switch. Enter; sandals, open toed shoes and bare-feet.

The dreaded experience of having to show off your feet is some peoples worst nightmare and can be a real downer through the most exciting months of the year. We as Podiatrists are so often faced with people wishing they had nice healthy nails when the reality may be damaged, discoloured and thickened. To hide the problem, some then head to their local nail salon to have shellac polish applied. This is the worst thing you could do, further damaging the nail and creating a perfect breeding ground for fungus. If this all sounds very familiar, then KeryFlex is the solution for you.

So, what is KeryFlex you ask? Essentially it is a nail restoration system, that INSTANTLY improves the appearance of your nail. It also protects the nail from any further damage while it is still able to grow and repair underneath. Keryflex is a resin- based product that unlike shellac or gel, does not damage your nail underneath and can only be applied by a trained Podiatrist. Our Podiatrists have been using KeryFlex for over a year now and get so excited by the results we are seeing. Each time our patients have the cap removed the natural nails appear cleaner and healthier underneath. KeryFlex grows with the rate of your natural nail and lasts around 6-8 weeks. It is unaffected by acetone; nail polish and you still have the ability to continue with topical anti-fungal treatments.
KeryFlex nail restoration

For anyone who is struggling with the appearance of their toes whilst recovering from a fungal nail infection, this is your solution. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment or to chat further about whether KeryFlex is right for you!

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