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New Year…New You? Ease into exercise to avoid foot injuries!

It’s 2023! Are you putting your best foot forward and incorporating more exercise into your routine?

‘A healthier lifestyle’ is one of the most common new years resolutions. Many individuals jump right into it and increase their exercise routine dramatically. However, this isn’t a healthy mentality. Easing back into it is the way to go!

In terms of podiatry, and your foot and lower limb health overall, it is crucial to build your strength before performing sudden movements that you may not be used to.

Typically, foot problems can occur if you place a great amount of stress on your feet and legs at once. Most commonly, over-working the muscles surrounding the ankle decreases their stability effect, which in turn, causes a vulnerable situation for the synovial joint. The moving part within this joint type makes it prone to damage. In a situation when you might be signing up to gym cardio classes which incorporate plyometric movements (such as skipping, jumping etc.), this high impact exercise could cause you to ‘roll’ or sprain your ankle if you land incorrectly or overload, leading to the stretching or possible tearing of ligaments in the area. An unstable or weak ankle, that ‘gives way’ easily, typically caused from a previous sprain, could be exacerbated as one may have muscle/ligament weakness due or diminished proprioception (the sense at which we perceive our position).

If you haven’t been active for a period, it is important to start with lower intensity exercise doses and then gradually increasing either the intensity, duration, or frequency, depending on your goals. Don’t jump straight into multiple HIIT sessions or sessions with high impact cardio! Aim for a balanced program, including strength exercises as well aerobic exercise, and flexibility/mobility components. Also ensure that you prepare through a warm-up and recover through a cool down.

Our sports podiatrists can point you in the right direction for your individual podiatric treatment. We are the best health professionals to seek out if you have any lower limb pain, typically within your feet and ankles. If you think your rolled ankle might be something else…check this blog out!

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