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Orthotic Misconceptions

Orthotic insoles are basically a slimline medical devise that’s discreetly inserted into your shoe to support and improve foot function. Orthotics are an effective treatment option for many patients, providing support and reducing pain. Sometimes with all the myths floating around, orthotics can get a bad reputation. Although they are simple to use and very functional, it’s amazing how many misconceptions surround them. Here we dive into the common misconceptions…
Orthotic Misconceptions
“Orthotics are hard and sore”
Orthotics are made to help, not cause pain! While some orthotics can be made with strong polypropylene, there are spongy soft top covers that are applied to offload and cushion the foot. However, depending on your needs a wide variety of materials can be used to create a devise that is right for you. Orthotics should never cause increase pain, a small amount of achiness and discomfort may be initially. Although, after the two week wear in process no “soreness” or pain should be present.  If you are experiencing discomfort, visit your Podiatrist for an adjustment as there are many ways to increase comfort without compromising function.
“Orthotics are bulky and means I must wear big ugly shoes”
Without the structure of a good shoe supporting it an orthotic can’t perform at its best. BUT, there are now great brands such as Frankie4 and Bared Footwear that make stylish slim shoes to house an orthotic. Our philosophy is to make a slim and small orthotic devise that can fit into as many shoes as possible optimising your wear time. This means you won’t be stuck wearing only one pair of shoes and can wear your orthotics as much as possible.
“Custom made orthotics are the same as over the counter”
Over the counter (OTC) insoles found in the chemist are SO different to custom-made ones prescribed by a Podiatrist. Although OTC devises come in a variety of lengths and materials the biggest difference is, they can’t consider your individual needs. Your Podiatrist will first take a mould or impression of your foot. They will then consider your requirements and history to design the best devise for your needs. Custom made orthotics are created 100% for your foot shape and your condition, to match perfectly under your arch like two puzzle pieces coming together. In contrast OTC devises are a bulk-produced product made for the masses. Everyone’s feet are different, so it’s important to get orthotics that are customised to treat your specific anatomy and condition.
Orthotics are for seniors”
This is the biggest myth! Although seniors tend to have more bony and soft tissue conditions, foot dysfunction, injuries and other ailments occur across all age groups. There are certain conditions that only affect young children much like arthritis is more prevalent in the elderly. Orthotics play a big role in the treatment and management of injuries and conditions for people of all ages!
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