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Podiatrist Erin’s Thoughts on Bobux

Now that we are stocking Bobux shoes at Talaria, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take them for a test run and give you some real-life feedback. I have a very energetic 2-year-old daughter, who lovingly wakes me at 5am every morning and doesn’t stop till she drops. Being a Podiatrist I’ve always been conscious about the type of shoes I put on my children’s feet, to protect them and give them the freedom to move.

Podiatrist Erin's Thoughts on Bobux

Bobux are podiatrist designed and made specifically with children’s delicate feet in mind. My daughter loves to run, dance, jump, climb and is constantly on the go. The Bobux shoes she wore were the I-walk Tasman gold. They have a soft but hard-wearing sole that offered her feet great protection and support while she was on the go. They are lined with a fine merino keeping her feet nice and warm. The leather was easy to clean after some jumping around in muddy puddles and the water didn’t get inside the shoe keeping her feet nice and dry.

All Bobux shoes are easy for the child to put on and off themselves. The I-walk Tasman have a double zip that my daughter found easy to undo and do up herself. And fun fact, the outer zip glows in the dark adding an extra level of fun to the shoes.  They are very durable and as you can see in the picture non slip- as she tries scaling up walls. Bobux are a fantastic kids’ shoe that will keep your children’s feet warm and protected no matter the activity.

As a Podiatrist (not just a mum) it was great to find a shoe that had great support for my daughters needs at her current level of foot development, highly flexible and hard wearing for all your child’s activities. They offer great support, contouring well to your child’s foot and ankle without the risk of slipping off.

Check out our range stocked in the clinic or ask to see one of the catalogues. All our Podiatrists at Talaria can help answer any questions you might have about fitting your child in the right size shoe.

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