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Q & A with Dr Omar Baarini – Podiatric Surgeon

Q&A with Dr Omar Baarini

Dr Omar Baarini, our resident Podiatric Surgeon, was awarded his podiatric surgical fellowship through the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons, having been involved in over 3000 foot and ankle procedures. When conditions require specialised surgical treatment or management, a referral for a specialist consultation Dr Omar Baarini will be indicated. In this case, he firstly explores non-surgical treatments and will advise you if he believes surgery will offer the best outcome to achieving long-term pain relief as well as improve foot and ankle function.

Some frequently asked questions are answered below!

Do I need a referral?

A referral from your podiatrist or general practioner is not required, but it is preferred.

If you have one, please bring it along, as we will keep close correspondence with them.

What can I expect at my initial specialist consultation?

You will be required to complete a Registration Form for the clinic and your medical history will be reviewed and assessed.

At the initial consultation Dr. Omar Baarini will be sure to thoroughly assess your presenting problem. He takes his time to provide a careful approach in developing a management pathway for your condition. Surgery will only ever be offered as a final management solution, after all other options have been exhausted and not been sufficient in addressing your issue. You will be sure to receive an empathetic approach to the care of your foot and ankle issues.

Dr Baarini will generally spend 40 minutes with you discussing your specific concerns as well as the possible procedural options that you may benefit from. Photographs will usually be taken.

If you have a date in mind for your surgery, it may be booked during your first or subsequent consultation.

What happens after the first consultation?

You will usually be encouraged to attend a second consultation. This allows time for you to consider all the information you have been given, prepare questions and conduct your own research.

It also allows time for a cost estimate to be prepared and sent to you. A suitable date & time for your surgery will be organised & any additional blood tests, x-rays, or other imaging will be arranged if this is the required case.

What are the costs of surgery?

With all surgical procedures there are three costs that need to be considered. These are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee, and the hospital fee. Currently, many private health funds do not cover the surgical fee.

The anaesthetic fee is time dependent, while the hospital fee may vary depending on which hospital you choose to have your surgery performed at. We will prepare a detailed invoice which will explain and itemise all the costs that are associated with your procedure.

Will I need to go to hospital for my procedure?

Most foot & ankle procedures can be performed in a day surgery setting and will be performed in an accredited private hospital. Smaller procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic alone, while larger procedures will require general anaesthetic.

The majority of the time you may go home the same day as surgery, while for larger procedures a brief hospital stay may be required.

Give us a call on 9480 4935 to book an appointment with Dr Omar Baarini.

One of our friendly reception staff can answer any questions or queries!

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