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Spring Feet

Spring 2021 has arrived!! Its time to ditch the extra thick socks and winter boots and make the switch to summer shoes such as thongs and sandals. You may notice changes in your feet when making this transition. Don’t worry!!! This is what we are here for. Below you will find quick and easy advice to have your feet feeling and looking fresh for spring.

1. Moisturise
With your feet being hidden during the colder months, now is a great time to start a moisturising routine. The routine moisturising of your feet daily will have them feeling soft and avoiding the chances of painful cracks or splits. The warmer months and wearing shoes that expose your feet can cause these cracks. We recommend creams that contain a small amount of urea in the formulation. In clinic we stock Walkers Foot Cream, which contains 25% Urea. Alternatively, for a natural solution you could also use coconut oil. You may also have noticed some hard skin or corns, which can arise from the pressure of wearing closed in shoes for long periods. For these we recommend coming in and having our podiatrists remove built-up skin.

2. Fungal Infections
With the ever-changing weather (typical Melbourne) you may find that your feet are sweaty by the end of the day. Or you may have noticed something peculiar on your feet. The use of public spaces such as communal changing rooms at gyms and swimming pools can cause feet exposure to germs. Be sure to check your nails for changes in colour and thickness, and your skin for redness, flaking and itchiness. Addressing these issues as soon as you notice them with correct treatments can stop the spread and possible worsening of the condition. We would recommend speaking to one of our podiatrists about your concern to determine the condition, the cause and treatment options. KeryFlex nail restoration is a great option to protect nails and to reduce any pathology progression. For more information regarding KeryFlex click here!

3. Spring Clean your Shoes
Begin your spring cleaning with your shoes! With daily use shoes wear out and some can go unnoticed. Worn out shoes increase the risk of injury significantly. The midsole of shoes, especially in runners, are a good indication on whether your shoes need to be replaced. It may be time to replace your shoes if you find that you can easily bend the shoe in half. For runners great brands that our podiatrists recommend (but are not limited to) are; Asics, New Balance and Brooks. For more stylish shoes without the compromise of support we recommend; Bared Footwear, Frankie4 Footwear, Ziera Shoes and Archies Thongs. You can read more about these alternatives in our previous blog. Click here!

4. Address Old Injuries Now
With warmer weather enticing us all we tend to become more active and step up our training and exercise regimes. If you have old injuries that have been causing you discomfort, now is the best time to address them. The sooner injuries are addressed the easier they tend to be to manage and treat. Before you know it’ll hit the busy time of year around Christmas and New Years and you’ll be causing more damage to these old injuries with an active lifestyle. Our services range from a variety of treatments including shockwave, orthotic therapy and dry needing.

Spring Feet

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