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Steps to Spring Feet!

With spring just around the corner, be prepared to knock off the winter boots and grab your favourite pair of thongs. If you’ve neglected your feet a little bit this winter, don’t worry- it is never too late to get back on track. As each day gets warmer and lighter its time to get off the couch and get your body moving again, soaking up some of the better weather. This week we are going to focus on some quick and easy things to get your feet prepared for spring.

Steps to Spring Feet


As our feet have been hiding away in Winter boots for the past three months now is time to start a regular moisturising routine. Applying moisturiser daily will get your feet feeling soft and avoid the chance of any painful cracks or splits when the heat of summer dries them out. Use a cream preferably with a small amount of urea in the formulation or even coconut oil if you prefer something a bit more natural. Maybe you have developed some hard skin or corns from the pressure of wearing closed in shoes for some time. It is a great idea to come in and have us gently remove all the built-up skin from winter.

2-Fungal Nail Infections

Being in Melbourne our weather is forever changing, especially in spring. You may find days when your feet end up sweating in shoes when in the morning they felt fine. Maybe you’ve spent more time working out in the gym over winter using their communal changing rooms and noticed something peculiar on your feet. Make sure to check your nails for any changes in colour or thickness, and your skin for redness, flaking and itchiness. Address these problems swiftly and promptly with treatment appropriate for the area. If you are struggling to see improvement come in to the clinic for some more tailored advice. KeryFlex nail restoration is a great option for many people. Not only does it have an immediate cosmetic improvement, but it also protects the nail and reduces any pathologies from progressing. Click here for more information on KeryFlex.

3- Spring Clean your Shoes

Now is a great time to go through your closet and review all your shoes. Perhaps some of them are looking a bit worn and ready to be thrown out. Wearing old worn out shoes increases your risk of injury significantly. A good way to test if your runners have done their time is to check the midsole. Can you bend the shoe in half? If so, its time to part with them and look for a new supportive shoe. If you need any advice or help looking for shoes the Athletes Store in Northland are great at recommending a shoe specific to all your needs.

4- Address Old Injuries Now

Heading into the longer warmer days everyone tends to be a bit more active, stepping up their training and exercise regime. If you have an old injury that’s been niggling and holding you back now is the time to address it. The sooner you get the injuries sorted the easier they are to manage and treat especially as we become increasingly busy this time of the year. We have a range of treatments available at the clinic to address your injuries including shockwave, orthotic therapy, dry needling or even a visit down to our neighbours at Muna Osteopathy and Wellness.

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