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Summer Feet

Time to throw the ugg boots out and slip into some thongs this hot summer! If you’re not quite summer foot ready, we have some tips to help you be prepared to feel and look your best. 

Sterile pedicures 

Ditch your pedicures from salons, and come see your Podiatrist! Did you know that many bacterial and fungal infections can be picked up through nail salons and by using unsterile equipment. As Podiatrists, we perform medi-pedis which includes treatment of ingrown or involuted toenails, hard skin (calluses), clearing corns and treating many other conditions in a sterile environment. However, if you still do decide to continue going to a nail spa, consider skipping the soak and bringing your own clean tools and nail polish along with you to reduce the risk of infection!

Sweaty feet

During the warmer seasons, our feet tend to get a little more sticky and damp in socks. To minimise the risk of fostering fungal infections, it’s important to clean between your toes well with warm soapy water and drying them thoroughly in between.

Foot tip: Wear socks with a higher percentage of cotton! 


Wearing sandals and thongs exposes our heels to more pressure on hard surfaces and exposes our feet and heels to dry out. It’s important to moisturise our feet with a good moisturiser which includes the ingredient Urea. This will help reduce dead skin build up and get rid of flaking or scaling skin. 


Slip slop slap! We have always been told to be diligent with this on our bodies however a lot of people tend to forget their ankles and feet. It is important to cover them to the end of your toes and the sole of your feet as sun rays impact them just as much as the rest of your body.

If you have any other concerns, ensure to book in with one of our friendly Podiatrists at Talaria. We are always happy to help, and looking forward to seeing you in the clinic.

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