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Summer & Sandals

Summer is now in full swing and so are our thongs and sandals. Sometimes the shoes are jazzed up with sequins, bright colours or made with beautiful leather. But these glitzy embellishments don’t tell us whether the shoe is good for you! Most sandals and thongs offer little to no support for the foot, meaning the muscles in the foot have to work harder. This increases your risk of foot injuries, discomfort and conditions such as; plantar fasciitis, heel pain, big toe pain and arthritis.

Summer & Sandals

Choosing the right sandals can be challenging so here are some tips to save your feet this summer!

When purchasing new shoes its recommended to go towards the end of the day when your feet are hotter and potentially swollen. Firstly, inspect the sandals, check for any irritating seams or stitching that may rub and cause blisters. Does the shoe have a stable heel cup around the back? This will hold your foot in properly and prevent any ankle injuries. Adjustable straps are also a great idea as you can maintain a good fit each day. Look for a firm heel counter that will support and stabilize the foot. The sole of the shoe should resist major twisting, you shouldn’t be able to fold the shoe in half! Arch support is also great as it improves the foot, ankle and lower leg alignment.

Our Top Places for Summer Shoes
1- Bared Footwear -The Peacock 2 Sandal (above) is what I am wearing this summer and has seen me through big days standing at the tennis- highly recommend!
2- Frankie 4
3- Archies Thongs (we stock in the clinic)
4- Birkenstocks
5- Zierra

If you have any questions about shoes, or your feet are sore from Summer we can help.. Book Here!

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