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Talaria in 2021!

It's now March and the clinic is back in full swing! We are excited to announce a few updates and changes that have happened in the past few months. We are still staying up to date and complying with all the latest health regulations to keep all staff and patients safe. However, this means your visit may be a little different to what you are used to... 

We now have some additional seating options outside if the waiting rooms gets a bit busy and you are not able to maintain a comfortable distance. Which has served to be a great spot to sit when the sun has been shining! Practitioners will continue to wear masks inside the practise rooms; although, it is not mandatory for patients anymore. We hope these few minor changes will allow us to keep looking after your feet comfortably and safely! smile

TALARIA (HIGH RES)-9 - Copy Talaria in 2021!

We would also like to formally welcome two NEW podiatrists to the team, Nikki and Mirella. 


Screenshot (39) Talaria in 2021!

Nikki graduated from La Trobe University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Podiatric Practise. Nikki is fluent in conversational Greek and loves receiving traditional cooking and baking tips from her patients. Nikki is married to her husband Paul, who is also a podiatrist! At home, they love talking all things feet and enjoy practising new podiatry treatments and techniques on each other. Nikki is qualified in all aspects in podiatric care but especially loves gerontology, diabetic care and, injury rehabilitation. 

Nikki is available Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings! 


IMG_4743 Talaria in 2021!

Mirella graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Podiatric Practice. Mirella loves to continue learning and furthering her knowledge by attending various conferences and workshops throughout the year. Mirella has complemented a mobilisation course and prolotherapy which she enjoys using in treatment with musculoskeletal injuries. Mirella enjoys all aspects of Podiatry, particularly building a rapport with patients and helping them thrive and live life to the best of their ability. When Mirella isn’t in the clinic, she enjoys spending her down time in the gym and attending social events with family and friends.  One of Mirella’s favourite quotes is ‘Take care of your body. It’s the place you have to live.’ 

Mirella is available all-day Thursday and Fridays and, Saturday mornings! 

Kristy and Julia are both still available and loving the clinic being busy after the crazy year 2020 was. Kristy is continuing to add more days into her week as she returns from maternity leave. She is available Tuesday and Saturday mornings, as well as all day Thursday. Julia is still available as normal, Tuesday through to Saturday. 

Post lockdown your feet may need a bit of TLC. Maybe you have been putting off your annual orthotic review OR yearly general foot clean up. Here at Talaria we specialise in the treatment of all conditions/ injuries affecting the lower leg, ankle and foot. 

Such as;

  • Achilles Tendonitis 
  • Ankle Injuries 
  • Arthritis 
  • Bunions 
  • Children's Growing Pains 
  • Claw and Hammer Toe 
  • Flat and High Arch Feet 
  • Heel Pain and Heel Spurs 
  • Neuromas 
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Shin Splints 
  • Sporting Injuries and Footwear Advice 

We are also skilled in general nails and skin maintenance. 


  • Callouses 
  • Damaged/Trauma Nails 
  • Fungal Nails 
  • Ingrown Toenails 
  • Keryflex 
  • Plantar Warts 
  • Removal of Corns 

We also specialise in diabetic foot care, children's foot problems and in the prescription of orthotics to assist in correcting bio-mechanical issues that may be affecting walking.