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Telehealth at Talaria

Telehealth consultations are now available at Talaria and will allow our Podiatrists to provide healthcare through phone or video calling. Our consultations will continue to deliver the same outstanding level of care as our in-clinic services, where our Podiatrists will provide tailored treatment plans to help you on your recovery.

Telehealth_Feet Telehealth at Talaria
In the current climate, patients may not be able to attend the clinic due to an illness, or simply may be self-isolating during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Things that we can help you with over the phone
                -Rehabilitation programmes and advice for the following and many more;
                           -Treating Plantar Fasciitis (arch or heel pain)
                           -Achilles Tendon Conditions
                           -Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
                           -Ankle Injuries
                           -Flat or High Arch feet
                           -Orthotic Reviews
                           -Children’s Growing Pains
                           -Other Musculoskeletal Conditions
                           -Any questions or concerns on any other foot condition

We can assess and determine the need to come in for an organised appointment for things such as ingrown toenails, severe injuries (fractures or ligament tears), open wounds and infections. The Podiatrist will help make the decision whether an in-clinic appointment is necessary.

The telehealth consolation fee is $30 and EPC patients are covered by Medicare with no gap payment. If you have any questions about our telehealth services, please to don’t hesitate to contact us we are here to answer all your Podiatry questions.

To book an appointment call us on 9480 4935 or via health engine choose the telehealth option.