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The Big 3 Things to Know About Archies Thongs

Got regular, cheap or basic thongs? Many don’t know the issues of the design of typical flat thongs. There are many advantages that Archies Thongs offer over other “flip flops” for a more comfortable & safe fit.

The main issue with normal thongs is obviously there is no support which means there is an uneven distribution of load & pressure across the foot.

This can spell trouble for all foot types, especially since we’ve gotten used to wearing supportive footwear. But it’s an even bigger issue if you tend to pronate more (your foot rolls inward or downward). When that happens, your whole lower leg follows suit, messing with your body’s natural alignment & potentially setting you up for injuries.

And then there’s the frustrating problem of those flimsy straps on regular thongs – I’m sure we’ve all been there where it pops or breaks off. The issue with these typical thongs is their loose straps, which mess with your walking pattern. Normally, when you walk, your toes are meant to bend upwards, activating your foot’s arch and providing support to the vital structures of your feet. But with most thongs, those loose straps force you to scrunch your toes down just to keep them on, disrupting that whole arch activation process. That leaves your foot vulnerable to injury, with added stress and pain to boot. Archies provide the support your foot needs, while being comfortable & stylish.

Here are the top three things you need to know about Archies Thongs:

  1. Archies Thongs come with a tighter strap that’s still stretchable: Unlike regular thongs, Archies Thongs have a tighter strap, but don’t worry, if it feels too tight, you can easily stretch it out with your hands where needed.
  2. They’re designed to be reasonably narrow: Don’t be concerned if your foot slightly hangs over the edge of the thongs – that’s normal for Archies. The key is comfort and ensuring the orthotic sits just right on your foot.
  3. Snug is the way to go: Aim for a tight fit where there’s minimal room between your toes and the end of the thong. Going too big might mean the orthotic won’t sit correctly on your foot.

We have a range of Archies in store – come & see our friendly team at Talaria Podiatrist of Thornbury!

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