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What are some common foot problems associated with summer?!

Melbourne has had some fabulous weather over the last week – and it is really feeling like summer! While you might be relaxing and enjoying the weather, it is important to keep a few things in mind in relation to your foot health!

There are many common foot problems that are associated with summer. Below are the 3 most common conditions that we see. But the good news is that you can easily avoid them with some key steps!

1. Dry, Cracked Heels

Have you been swapping your closed toe shoes with sandals or thongs? With open-backed shoes, dehydration of the skin can occur, resulting in dry, cracked heels. The thick skin at the back of your heel can begin to crack and split, and if the fissures deepen, it can become quite painful! The good new is that we have a solution! Our Walker’s 25% Urea Foot Cream can help! Using a moisturising cream frequently, 2-3 times per week, can act to rehydrate the skin around the area, leaving you with soft heels once again.

2. Heel Pain

Were you planning on going for a walk in your lighter sandals, instead of wearing your runners? This might not be the wisest option! The issue with wearing lighter footwear for long periods of time is the lack of support. If your shoes are flat, this is even worse. Heel pain can occur, causing physical discomfort, making it painful to walk. Ankle strengthening is key in this manner, and there are a range of exercises that could help you, such as heel lifts, or some resistance band exercises. Our sports’ based podiatrists are knowledgable in this area, and can easily provide relief! Do keep in mind that for longer periods spent on your feet, it is a good idea to pop on a more supportive shoe. 

3. Foot or Nail Infections

It is likely that you may head to the local pool when the weather is like this! But do be aware of the infections that float around the moist environment surrounding the pool and changeroom areas! Wear thongs where possible to avoid itchy skin between your toes, and dry your feet after a swim.

If you are in need of foot treatment – we are podiatry experts and can help you out! Book today through our website or call us on 9480 4935!

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