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Why upgrade to Archline Orthotic Slippers this winter?

As the winter blast sets in this week, you’re probably tempted to grab a cheap pair of slippers at “you know where”…

But for your feet, that’s one of the worst decisions you can make, and something you could come to regret. As you’re likely to spend a lot of time around the house in your slippers this winter, investing in a quality pair of ARCHLINE Orthotic Slippers will change your life – plus support & protect your feet. What makes these unique & superior to a pair of thin, flat slippers is they have a Signature Archline Orthotic Base – making them ideal for foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis (heel inflammation), overpronation (foot rolling inward or downward) & more. In Archline Slippers, it’s like walking on a cloud (a Podiatrist recommended cloud, mind you).

That’s right, unlike other slippers, Archline are Podiatrist Recommended, super lightweight, super warm, super comfortable & even slip resistant (no more almost falling over dancing around the house…. Or is that just me?). Cheap slippers tend to skip on quality & safety for price – a price you can end up paying elsewhere down the track in Podiatry costs. They are machine washable & dryable, meaning you can chuck them in the wash when they get a bit stinky (and trust me, you’ll be in these slippers A LOT – they’re that comfy).

The Archline Orthotic Slippers have a warm, anti-bacterial lining, which is non-irritative making them ideal for people with sensitive skin & feet. Included in the Orthotic base is an anatomically shaped heel cup for superior stability & balance – great for if you’re a bit lazy with your walking style after a long day on your feet. The unique & flexible footbed material molds to your foot shape, making them unique to you – unlike a generic cheap brand. What all this means for you is total balance & support for your body. From the feet to the ankle, knees, hips & back. Your whole body will thank you for making the switch this winter.

If you love supporting local, you’ll be happy to know Archline were founded & based in Melbourne, Australia! Their family business is 100% Australian owned & they are “committed to staying that way”. Come & see us at Talaria Podiatrist of Thornbury, we had a shipment arrive in late May 2024 of a range of sizes & colours , and would love to help you upgrade your winter comfort with a pair of Archline Orthotic Slippers!

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