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Will Patrick Mahomes’ high ankle sprain effect his Super Bowl performance?

The 2023 Super Bowl is scheduled for next week with the Chiefs playing against the Eagles!

In the first quarter of the Divisional Round playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs was tackled awkwardly and injured his ankle

 ankle sprain

Mahomes did return to play but his mobility was significantly reduced, often standing completely still in the pocket waiting for a receiver to get open. The Chiefs won the game, and all eyes went to the results of the MRI that was done immediately after the game.

Patrick Mahomes was diagnosed with a ‘high ankle sprain’ which involves the ligaments and interosseous membrane that stabilise the tibia and fibula. Unlike a traditional ankle sprain, high ankle sprains are much more difficult to offload and secure with sports tape which can ultimately reduce an athlete’s ability to run and move.

In normal situations, Mahomes would have likely been ruled out for up to a month to let his leg heal and get back to full strength. With a potential Super Bowl appearance only 1 win away, Mahomes had no choice but to play.

In the lead up to the NFC Championship game, the plan for Mahomes includes a heavily strapped lower limb/ankle, game plan adjustments to reduce his need for running the ball and a pain killing injection for game day.

Ultimately, Mahomes refused the injection as he felt his ankle was feeling good enough to avoid it. According to a team official, Mahomes had received 4-5 hours of treatment per day which may have included ice, heat, taping and resistance band work.

In the NFC Championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Mahomes had largely avoided running with only two rushing attempts for three yards…until there was 17 seconds on the clock with the game on the line.

Needing a first down to get within field goal range, Mahomes went against the no running game plan and instinctively scrambled out of the pocket to not only achieve the first down but also draw a penalty against the defense. This resulted in a field goal attempt with only a few seconds on the clock in which was successful.

The Kansas City Chiefs now play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII next week, and with an additional two weeks rest and treatment for Mahomes you would expect him back close to his full self.

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