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Work Experience at Talaria Podiatrist

Being a high school student, I had very little understanding of what I wanted to do when it came to a career path. As an athletic teenager, I had my fair share of visits to the podiatrist, from ingrown toenails to large amounts of callus forming on my feet. My family suggested I should undertake work experience at a podiatry clinic as I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed watching my own feet be fixed. Luckily, I found some amazing work experience at Talaria. Throughout the first few days I had a complete change in what I thought the daily life of a Podiatrist would be like. My personal understanding of Podiatry was cutting and cleaning dead skin and fungal nails, but after watching many different patients, my knowledge grew.

These are four things I didn’t know about Podiatry!

1- The feet are not the only part of the body that podiatrists attend to, they may also be able to help with other injuries throughout the legs and ankles.

2- Diabetes influences the feet and can cause a lack of blood flow which may result in nerve damage and reduced sensation in the foot, this can lead to more extreme complications.

3- There are advanced modalities and treatments such as Kery Flex to help patients restore damaged nails and shockwave therapy to help reduce pain and tightness in the feet and calves.

4- Orthotic therapy can be used to treat a wide range of issues to help fix discomfort and pain. There is a big difference between custom made and prefabricated orthotics. The Podiatrists need to be able to adjust the orthotic prescriptions with the various foot types depending on how each one of them needs to be managed.

Sitting in on Omar, Julia and Kristy’s appointments showed me the true way a Podiatrist works and my interest in doing Podiatry has grown. Learning and observing about foot and ankle conditions has helped me grasp a better understanding of what a podiatrists do daily.

Work Experience at Talaria Podiatrist

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