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Corns and Callus

Corns and Callus

A callus is hard or thickened skin that forms on the foot due to excess mechanical pressure. When left too long the callus can build up, become thick and irritating or even crack. When these pressures are concentrated into a small area a corn may develop. Corns are formed by the same hard skin as a callus, however they are shaped like a cone pushing into the soft skin underneath - this is why they hurt!

Common Sites of Corns and Calluses:

The ball of the foot
The heels
Under or on the side of the big toe
Tips of the toes
Bony prominences

Why Corns and Calluses Occurs:

Walking patterns caused by abnormal pressure distribution
Tight footwear
Atrophy of plantar fat pads
Claw/ hammer toes or bunions

At Talaria our podiatrists are highly skilled and have the tools to remove corns and calluses swiftly and painlessly. The podiatrists will also determine the cause of the corn or callus and provide education and methods to reduce re-occurrence. This may include customised padding, footwear advice, guidance around foot care such as emollient or even orthotic therapy to offer long term pressure relief.