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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

Those who suffer with diabetes are at risk of foot complications such as foot ulcers, infections, reduced blood supply and nerve damage. If issues associated with diabetes are not identified at an early stage a persons health can quickly deteriorate. We as podiatrists have an important role to play in preventing and managing those foot complications among people with diabetes.

Blood Flow and Diabetes

The amount of blood reaching your feet may be reduced if you have had diabetes for a long period of time. Blood flow is essential in healing and preventing infection. If poor blood supply is present this slows down healing, increases the risk of infection and can cause cramping and cold feet. At Talaria we believe prevention is better than cure and conduct regular vascular assessment for those with diabetes.

Nerve Damage and Diabetes

Similar to blood flow, if you have had diabetes for a while and have poor blood glucose levels, nerve damage is often associated. It is important to have good nerve function in the feet as they allow the body to detect and recognise any injury or wound. If there is reduced sensation to the feet it increases risk of greater damage, ulceration, and infection. Combined with poor blood supply, these can potentially lead to amputation. Our podiatrists have the knowledge to manage and carry out routine neurological assessments to reduce and prevent the risk of any complications.

Managing Diabetes

It is essential for a person with diabetes to have regular foot checks. At Talaria our podiatrists conduct and examine the circulation and nerve sensation in the feet. We then discuss the results of these assessments, providing advice and education on how you can keep your feet healthy, specifically around daily foot care, monitoring your own feet, footwear and if necessary insoles to relieve pressure points. We are always happy to assist!