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Boost your nail health with our pain-free restoration system. 

Keryflex Thornbury

Understanding KeryFlex Nail Restoration

When you have a fungal nail, the physical pain and discomfort can impact your everyday life in many ways. On top of that, they can take many months to heal and grow in an aesthetically pleasing way. Having seen countless patients struggle with insecurity and embarrassment about the appearance of their nails, we take pride in offering solutions to help restore nail health and appearance.

At Talaria Podiatrist, we offer KeryFlex, a nail restoration system exclusive to podiatrists. This system provides the appearance of a healthier and smoother nail. Our Thornbury podiatrists are trained to apply the treatment with the aim of remodeling and restoring the appearance of a natural and durable nail, with results typically lasting six weeks or longer.

How KeryFlex Can Help Restore Your Natural Nail

KeryFlex treatment is designed to prevent any water or debris from being trapped underneath the nail. Its non-porous design does not allow any moisture to penetrate the nail, which makes the environment much cleaner and encourages healthy nail growth. As a resin-based product, KeryFlex is flexible and will adapt to the natural nail as it grows.

The treatment will last around 6-8 weeks, helping you feel more confident with your more cosmetically appealing nail. You can also continue applying antifungal treatment to the nail cuticle whilst also having KeryFlex on the nail.

keryflex nail restoration Thornbury

Ready to discover the benefits of KeryFlex?

Thornbury keryflex nail restoration

KeryFlex: How It Works

KeryFlex is a painless nail restoration application provided exclusively by podiatrists. A certified provider will apply KeryFlex to restore the appearance of a natural nail. An individual’s damaged nails can be remodeled to mitigate the effects of fungus, damage, and defects. The product itself is made of a composite resin, creating a non-porous nail that is both flexible and durable. 

The treatment works to provide immediate cosmetic improvement, a natural-looking nail, and ongoing support for healthy growth. KeryFlex will not be impacted by acetone or nail polish.

Your KeryFlex Questions Answered

If you have any concerns about fungal nail infections or the damaged appearance of your nails, then KeryFlex restoration may be beneficial. Anyone with discoloured nails, splitting nails, brittle nails, ingrown toenails, or any other defects, then it is worth enquiring about KeryFlex treatments. 

KeryFlex’s composite resin creates a flexible and durable solution for nail appearance and health. Not only will you see immediate results of a more cosmetically appealing nail, but the treatment will also support the remaining natural nail to grow healthier and stronger over time.

KeryFlex application is exclusively provided by experienced podiatrists. If you think KeryFlex could be beneficial for your nails, then feel free to reach out to the Talaria Podiatrist team to learn more about how KeryFlex is applied.

No, you do not need a referral to visit a podiatrist privately. You can simply reach out to our friendly team to find a time that suits you to come in for your KeryFlex application.

Why Choose Talaria Podiatrist?

Individualised Care

Here at Talaria Podiatrist, we take pride in giving each patient the personalised treatment they need. Our team will provide tailored, individualised care to ensure you receive the unique treatment solutions most appropriate for you.

Family Business

Talaria Podiatrist is a family operation. The heart behind our clinic is to provide personable and empathetic care. If you’re looking for a reliable, local source for top-quality podiatry care, then you can entrust your care to our family’s hands.

Welcoming Environment

There’s nothing we dislike more than a cold, unwelcoming clinic with fluorescent lights and an uncomfortable environment. Our clinic has been designed to help patients of all ages feel at home, with an exceptionally friendly team and a warm aesthetic.

How KeryFlex Can Help Restore Your Natural Nail

There’s no reason to put up with a damaged, infected nail. You could benefit from immediate cosmetic restoration with just one KeryFlex treatment, enjoying weeks of improved nail appearance and healthier growth. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your fungal nails, then Talaria Podiatrist is ready to help. Book an appointment with our skilled team today, or feel free to contact us to discuss KeryFlex treatment further.

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