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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Northcote

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Have you ever experienced the disappointment of waking up in the morning, eager to begin your day, only to be met with foot pain as soon as your feet hit the floor? Or perhaps you’re familiar with the sharp heel pain that can occur after a jog, leaving you breathless for the wrong reasons. Whether it’s one or both of these scenarios, it’s highly likely that you’re acquainted with plantar fasciitis— even if you weren’t aware of it.

Plantar Fasciitis Northcote

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Northcote

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis, which affects the ligament connecting the heel bone to the ball of the foot, is a prevalent cause of foot pain and discomfort in the lower extremities. It typically arises from factors such as abnormal foot stresses, most commonly associated with excess pronation or flat feet. Individuals with plantar fasciitis often experience pain that interferes with their ability to walk or stand comfortably.

Living with plantar fasciitis may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to significantly impact your daily activities. If you find yourself dealing with foot pain that interferes with your ability to move with ease, a podiatrist may be able to aid you.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis may differ from person to person but generally include:

  • Tenderness on the heel or arch 
  • Pain first thing in the morning when getting out of bed 
  • Pain after being seated for a while and standing up 
  • Sharp shooting pain getting worse throughout the day 
  • Pain in the arch of the foot
  • Pain that worsens with activity such as walking and running
  • Pain that worsens when pressing on the affected area

Plantar Fasciitis near Northcote

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment near Northcote

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

The tightening of the plantar fascia is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis and may be influenced by:

  • Muscle weakness 
  • Restricted joint range of motion 
  • Change of footwear or activity 
  • Foot posture treatment 

Other factors that can contribute to plantar fasciitis include:

  • Overpronation (where the foot rolls inward when walking or running)
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Performing repetitive activities such as walking, running, and dancing
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Improper footwear (lack of cushioning and/or improper arch support)
  • Ageing
  • Weight gain

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Despite the discomfort and potential pain associated with plantar fasciitis, useful treatment options are often available. The road to recovery necessitates patience and commitment from both yourself and your podiatrist. If left unaddressed, plantar fasciitis may progress to a chronic condition, resulting in additional problems such as chronic pain, heel spurs, and a diminished quality of life.

At Talaria Podiatrist, we provide a diverse range of treatment options near Northcote tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a student or a senior, our objective is to improve your mobility while minimising pain. We recognise that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not be useful for another. Our experienced podiatrists will create a customised management plan for you, which may involve shockwave therapy, strapping, footwear guidance, stretching and strengthening exercises, orthotics, and needling. In rare cases, surgery may be considered for severe plantar fasciitis, although it is not commonly required.

Northcote Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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Your Plantar Fasciitis Questions Answered

While plantar fasciitis can affect anyone, there are specific risk factors that may increase the likelihood. Individuals engaged in activities that strain the feet, such as athletes, runners, dancers, or those with occupations involving prolonged standing or walking, are often more prone to developing plantar fasciitis. Other risk factors include having flat feet or high arches, tight calf muscles or Achilles tendon, being overweight, and wearing improper footwear. While plantar fasciitis can develop at any age, it is most commonly seen in middle-aged individuals between 40 and 60 years old.

The diagnosis of plantar fasciitis generally involves reviewing your medical history and conducting a physical examination. In some instances, imaging tests may be recommended. If you have concerns about plantar fasciitis, the first step is to consult with a podiatrist, such as our dedicated team at Talaria Podiatrist, who will discuss your symptoms, perform a thorough foot examination, and assess your condition.

Several factors may make plantar fasciitis worse such as prolonged standing or walking, high-impact activities, inadequate footwear, and tight muscles in the lower limbs.

During sleep, the plantar fascia undergoes contraction and tightening due to inactivity. When you wake up and the plantar fascia is suddenly stretched, it may become inflamed, causing pain during walking. If you experience this, performing stretching exercises in the morning may be useful.

The duration of treatment for plantar fasciitis is influenced by various factors, including individual circumstances and the severity of the condition. In most cases, recovery may take several weeks to several months. It is crucial to adhere to your personalised treatment plan, as it is specifically designed to ensure your safety and facilitate the most successful outcome.

Why Talaria Podiatrist is the Team for Your Feet

Dedicated Team

With our team of podiatrists, Northcote feet have been receiving exceptional care since 2017. Our professionals bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the realm of foot and nail care.

Welcoming Environment

  Our team is dedicated to creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, ensuring a personable experience for each individual who enters our clinic.

Local Care

Situated in Thornbury, our clinic is well-positioned to offer care to individuals in the nearby communities as well, such as Northcote.

Northcote Plantar Fasciitis

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When you make the choice to contact us, you’re opening doors to a future where foot pain won’t hold you back anymore. We’ll partner with you to address your worries and identify the treatment that may best suit your needs, enabling you to achieve the finest possible results. Whether your objective is to go on lengthy walks, play basketball, or earn points for your team, we’re here to assist you in reaching those aspirations.

Let Us Care for You, Every Step of the Way

At Talaria Podiatrist, our proficient team of podiatrists is fully committed to delivering exceptional foot care and treatment for an extensive range of conditions near Northcote, including plantar fasciitis. If you’re experiencing ongoing foot discomfort or seeking preventive care, our team is dedicated to assisting you. Rely on our extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art facilities, and friendly, personalised approach to provide customised solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. Bid farewell to foot pain—reach out to Talaria Podiatrist today and take your first step towards improved foot health and overall well-being.

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