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Podiatry and Kids!

Podiatry and Kids!

Podiatry is for all ages and at Talaria our podiatrists will help your child from their precious first steps, to winning the big footy game. We believe healthy feet make milestones in your child’s life possible. At birth, children's feet are made of cartilage and as they grow and develop this eventually becomes bone. This is an important time in your child’s life and we are able to ensure their feet develop and grow in such a way to help prevent injuries and problems later in life.

Common Kids Conditions:

Knock knee/ bow legs
Flat feet
Toe walking
Shin splints
Severe heel pain
Ingrown toenails/ Verrucae pedis (warts)

If your child is complaining of achy or sore legs/ feet, falling often or having difficulty walking, we recommend a podiatry assessment. Our Podiatrists will be able to recognise and assess the biomechanics of the lower limb and construct a management plan to monitor their progression and growth. At Talaria we have a range of children's orthotics that are designed to give them the support and structure their foot needs while they are growing. After all feet should last a lifetime!