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Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics can greatly enhance your quality of life as they realign the feet into a more efficient position, making your feet more comfortable.

There are many different types of orthotics available and this is because each person has different needs depending on their footwear, activity levels, injuries, pain and foot type. If you have flat feet, heel pain or pain while undertaking activity you may benefit from orthotic management. Our Podiatrists at Talaria will undertake an extensive biomechanical assessment to identify any factors causing pain that may be addressed with orthotics.

Orthotics can help:
Flat feet
Plantar fasciitis
High arch feet
Knee pain
Achilles pain
Heel pain
Frequent ankle sprains
Shin pain

Custom Orthotics

The most effective orthotics are custom made devices that are crafted to meet the specific needs of the individual. There are circumstances where custom orthotics are required, in this case a mould will be taken providing us with an exact replica of your feet. This information is then sent to the lab with your prescription form to create the specific orthotic designed for you. Custom built devices can be made slimmer and more comfortable which is especially important in women’s shoes, men’s dress shoes and footy boots.

Pre-Fabricated Orthotics

For certain patients, a fully customised orthotic may not be necessary. At Talaria we also offer podiatric semi-customised, pre-fabricated devices. These offer an alternative level of support and control and can be suitable for acute conditions and even growing kids. The type of orthotics prescribed will be discussed and decided upon by you and the Podiatrist together.